Not only it is simple and easy to use, but RiftGG also makes it so simple for people starting out with LoL to find the best Builds, Runes and even the best way to level up their abilities. RiftGG, allows you to do this simply and time-effectively. This is a summary of how you performed during the game. Man kann es sich immer holen, wenn man will. Newsletter Mit diesem Formular kannst du den Spieletipps.

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Click on the image to go back. Click on the image to open the menu. Filter to view Champions per lane. LOL oder doch Guild wars 2? Rdplays only it’s user friendly, but also is the perfect tool for casual players who want yo analyze their own matches from home and for content creators who want to add to their teachings a professional touch. When you detect areas of improvement or team accomplishments, you can highlight them with drawings or text and export them as an image or a video.

lol replays

I recommend using it on a long term period, in order to obtain a reliable tendency and the positive or negative performance of the tactical and mechanic changes of each player“. Mär Kingdom Hearts 3: It’s really hard to find matches that are worth watching in SoloQ.


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Thanks to its functionalities it is possible to analyze on an isolated way all the events and study each moment of the match without distractions. All of your recorded matches along with general information of your match. View replyas Stats Every in-game and champion stat you need, one click away. There’s no doubt RiftGG is my best ally to create videos.

Click on the image to close the menu. Moin Leute, Nach dem ich gerade ein ultra geiles Ranked Game mit Zed gemacht habe wollte ich fragen ob ich mir das irgendwie als Replay anschauen kann?

Click on the image to go back. Warum sollte man LoLReplay nicht holen können?

Letzte Replays – League of Legends

Schwert des roten Adlers PCMac Publisher: Letzte Replahs zu LoL Ist dieser Beitrag hilfreich? Der Spectater Mode ist, wie der Name schon sagt, dazu da um anderen leuten zu zu schauen. Record your match, view your LoL stats, visualize and share your best gaming moments, and more Server Downtime oder Server ausgelastet?

Visualize the overall team performance.

lol replays

Players like watching these actions directly on the video. If you are a pro player and you want to climb to the next division, you may want to thoroughly analyze your death percentage per lane.


Replay/Lol Recorder (LoL)

No more browsing through hours of footage! Since I started using RiftGG, I have enough time to look for new players and analyze my team’s gameplay. oll

What do you want to talk about in your next video? Mär The Last of Us: View stats of the current season by type of match. Check out your most played Champions and their KDA.

LoL Replay

This app is a great time saver. Es ist immerhin kostenlos, was soviel bedeutet wie: Set your objectives and use RiftGG to track your progress exhaustively.

lol replays

The epic fails at the World Championship? Search by the name teplays the Champion. Review your LoL Highlights View and share your gaming highlights instantly after finishing your match. Das würde ich nicht empfehlen, da man in so einem Fall keinen Einfluss auf die Kamera hat und vorallem auch kann man den Kriegsnebel nicht weg machen, was es im Endeffekt ziemlich schwer macht, den Gegner nachzuvollziehen und man selbst hat entsprechend nicht die möglichkeit, die eigenen Fehler komplett zu analysieren.